5 Ways To Create An Irresistible Brand Using Storytelling

If you need to create an irresistible brand, storytelling is the way to go. Storytelling causes chemical changes in the brain that make the subject compelling to the reader and create a connection between the two. There are five features your story must-have for this to work.

The Brain Science Behind Storytelling

Our brains respond to storytelling because of the chemical processes in the brain.

Cortisol is released during tense or anxious moments. Oxycontin is the same chemical that is released when you look at puppies or babies. It promotes an emotional connection. Last, dopamine makes us feel good, hopeful, and optimistic.

A good storytelling pattern will start with empathy to create oxycontin and establish a connection with the reader. Then the writer will add tension or adversity to release cortisol. The last step is simply to solve the problem, and the brain will release dopamine.

A Means to Build Trust Between the Reader and The Brand

Besides processing the story, your brain also processes the emotions behind the story. Understanding other people’s feelings build empathy. Building empathy creates emotional connections, which, in turn, builds trust.

Establish a Connection with The Reader

It is critical to connect with your audience. If your demographic is the outdoor-loving crown, you need to resonate with outdoor values. It is especially helpful to design the brand as if the consumer is buying your story when they buy your product. This is the basis of every college swag product. When you wear something with a university name or logo, you declare yourself part of that university’s story and history.

The Struggles and Successes in the Brand’s History

Do not make the mistake of glossing over all the painful parts of your company’s history. Your story must not be all roses and lollipops. It is essential to include any adversity or conflict that your company faced. Last, do not forget to show how the situation was resolved.

Explain Why the Company Exists

Use the story to explain why your company exists, which must be a deeper reason than making money. Make this reason connect with the reader. Maybe you donate profits to after school programs or invest in saving the honeybees. Do you only buy organic ingredients or handmade African crafts? Are you working to improve the healthcare or customer service experience? Maybe you are supporting education by building a new platform to increase the effectiveness of online learning.

Describe What Your Brand Stands For

Finally, the last piece is to know what you stand for. You must have a robust definable mission that will resonate with your audience. Decide your brand’s values and how they line up with your target demographic’s values.

While writing a good back story may be difficult, this is one task you only have to do once. The return on investment for this will rebound year after year. Do not miss out on this must-do brand marketing strategy.